Have You Splashed Someone With Water, Yet? (Today)

Dyngus Day Shirt

Splash the girl you love with cold water today, to show her how much you love her!

If you’re a guy (from Poland or of Polish descent), and there’s a girl/woman out there that you like, today might be a good day to douse her with water. That’s because today is known as Śmigus Dyngus (Dyngus Day, here in the U.S.). Śmigus Dyngus is a day when (traditionally) children would go over to the house of the girl they liked very early in the morning. The girl’s mother would let the boy in. He would then proceed to empty a bucket of (cold) water on the sleeping girl. When she woke up startled, he would take a small twig and smack her on her thighs with it. Then he would run away.

At this point, feminists might be shocked and thinking how barbaric this sounds… until you hear that if this DIDN’T happen to a girl, she would be extremely offended and hurt. That’s because, if it happened to you, it meant that there was someone out there who liked you (and the opposite is true, if it did not happen, nobody liked you).

Now that you know, you don’t want to offend the one you love, do you? Grab that glass or bucket of cold water, and pour it on the girl you love. She will thank you for it, even if her initial reaction is not what you expect. As far as the stick goes, that’s something that used to happen hundreds of years ago, so you might want to skip it… But the water is DEFINITELY okay.

Here is our Śmigus Dyngus shirt, for your buying pleasure.

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The Woodcarvers of Poland

For all your spell needs.

This large mortar and pestle is hand carved from wood.

Poland has a long tradition of woodcarving. Polish woodcarvers have created many beautiful statues, wooden boxes, religious icons, all meticulously and expertly carved by hand from wood.

The Sukiennice Cloth Hall in Kraków’s town square is a famous historical building where some of these wooden wares are sold. The open air building’s main hall is lined on both sides with artisans selling wooden chess sets, religious statuettes, and different trinkets.

To be a good woodcarver, the artist needs a great imagination (with amazing visualizing skills), lots of patience, and a steady hand.  Below you will find great examples of Polish woodcarving:

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Poland plans on banning all Easter Bunny imagery

Draconian laws are NEVER okay!

Don’t allow the Polish government to ban the Easter Bunny! Sign the petition now!

Calling the Easter Bunny an “unnecessary distraction from the joy of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion,” the Polish government has announced plans to ban all Easter Bunny imagery this year, for fear it is marginalizing the true message of Easter.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Donald Tusk met with Catholic officials, including Kraków arch-bishop Stanisław Dziwisz, to discuss the proposed ban and assess the economic impact the move would have on Poland’s emerging economy, as well as how to handle any unforeseen unrest it may cause among the Easter Bunny’s most staunch supporters.

The ban is being fiercely opposed by the chocolate industry, especially Polish chocolate maker E. Wedel. The company is leading the charge against the draconian law, stating that “the government can’t possibly expect us to take this lying down. An attack on the Easter Bunny, and especially on chocolate, goes against everything that Jesus Christ taught us! He sacrificed himself so that you and I can enjoy our fine E. Wedel chocolates on the day of his death, as God meant us to!”

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