I can’t believe it’s not lamb!

I'm great on toast, too!

While my jokes might be baaaaad, I’m tasty, and traditionally, I belong in your Easter Basket!

The Polish butter lamb, also known by its secret alter-ego, the sugar lamb, is a staple addition to Polish Easter baskets.  Nestled somewhere between your painted Pisanki eggs and links of delicious kielbasa, the butter lamb enjoys its cozy, doily-decorated wicker basket during Święconka (the Saturday mass where you get the basket blessed), before finding a new home at your dinner table on Easter Sunday.

While you should never tell the butter lamb what fate awaits it at your dinner table, rest assured it can easily be cloned should something happen to the original.  It tastes great on toast, too!

Not to be confused with the Polish butter chicken!

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2 Responses to I can’t believe it’s not lamb!

  1. Emmy says:

    where to get one

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