Boycott or Not… Check Out the Pins!

It's all because they invaded Afghanistan... uh... wait, what?

I boycotted the Games, but how could I boycott these awesome pins?!

The 1980 Moscow Olympic Games might have been boycotted by over 60 countries, but that did not stop the Soviet Union from releasing these commemorative pins.  The Olympic Games were meant to be an event that brought countries together in the spirit of (technically “friendly”) competition.  Politics were never really meant to come into play, although they do on occasion, as illustrated by these particular Summer Games.

Political protests aside, the Soviet Union created these pins for the 1980 Olympics, and we have some available in sets of 5.  They are all originals (no reproductions) and can be seen in the picture above.  We received a bunch of them from our supplier in different quantities, so each set of 5 contains a partial assortment of the entire collection.

Get your hands on this authentic piece of history.  Whether you agree with the boycott or not, you cannot deny the positive spirit the Olympic Games cast in an otherwise complicated world.

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