Crumbling the Communist Regimes

Power to the People!

This is where the crumbling of European Communist governments began.

Solidarność in Polish means solidarity.  It is also the name of the Ship Workers’ Union from Gdańsk (Danzig in German and English) which set off absolutely MASSIVE protests in the early 1980s in Poland that brought down the Communist Regime and it’s puppets.

Lech Wałęsa, one of the union’s leaders, would eventually go on to become Poland’s first President (post-communist era), but not before being incarcerated by the Russian-backed Polish Communist government.  Needless to say, his stint in the slammer only helped to skyrocket his popularity, making him a folk hero.

The multi-million member strong Solidarność union is a testament to the “Power of the People” and helps remind us that tyranny only functions when we allow it to.  Have a cup of Joe in your Solidarność mug to the heroes that helped destroy a very oppressive government, starting a chain reaction that spread throughout Europe.  You can also check out the following:

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