In Case Anyone Forgot About Russia’s Warmongering…

Synonymous with war

How can one country NEVER do any good?

…They’re here to remind us, their geographical conquest and land-thrist will never end!

Ukraine?  It’s theirs.  Finland?  Theirs.  Poland and Czech Republic?  Just runaway Russian Federal Subjects (according to them… for the last 1000+ years).

While Russia has a vibrant cultural history, absolutely amazing architecture, and is the largest country in the world, these do not mask the fact that is seems to find itself on the wrong side of history… at all times.  In (dis)honor of Russia’s many great (mis)deeds, such as support for the worst dictators and rogue nations, we would like to remind everyone of another horrible event in Polish-Russian relations, the Katyń Massacre.

More on this tragic event:

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