The Spatula to End All Spatulas!

Mmmm... eagle... delicious!

I will cook your burger with the combined skills of a 1,000 year-old nation!

Behold the fire-breathing White Eagle spatula!  So awesome it will easily create the best kotlet mielony (Polish hamburger) your barbecue can muster!

Made by the same guys who brought you your favorite team’s “Sportula,” the white eagle spatula will infuse your burger with Polish pride, and it even comes with a handy bottle opener on the end of the handle!

This very sturdy and solid spatula has a laser cut Polish White Eagle that will carefully nurture your delicious burger to be all it can be, all while proving that the White Eagle is invincible against any danger, including fire!

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Święconka (Blessing of the Easter Basket)

Even the Easter Sheep is going!

I’m going to Święconka this year! Baaaaahhh!

Before Easter, a Polish family will prepare a special Easter Basket to celebrate the holidays. This basket contains certain iconic food items, such as hard-boiled eggs, kiełbasa, salt and pepper, a butter lamb, bread, and possibly even chocolate… all nicely arranged on top of a doily that lines the wicker basket.  Another intricate doily covers the basket while en-route to the Church.

Święconka takes place on Saturday before Easter Sunday… usually around 2 pm.  The mass is very short (comparatively to a regular Sunday mass.)  The priest will say a few words about the holiday, reading some passages from the Bible.  He then proceeds to bless the baskets (all arranged in front of the altar) by sprinkling them with Holy Water.

The basket is taken home after the blessing, and added to the plethora of food and decorations adorning the Easter Sunday dinner table.

Make sure you celebrate the holidays this year, Polish-style!

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Wycinanki paper cut-outs

Polish paper cut-outs, known as Wycinanki, are very unique and colorful.

Wycinanki are traditional Polish paper cut-outs.  The elements found within the cut-outs, as well as the colors used, vary by region, and are a rural invention used for relaxation.

These cut-outs were usually used to decorate the home, particularly (but not exclusively) during holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  Sometimes, they were even given as gifts to friends or visitors.

Roosters, stars, and peacocks are among the most popular imagery used in Wycinanki.  The paper cut-outs have become so popular, there are now competitions in Poland dedicated to the art form.

Have a look at some great examples of Wycinanki:

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