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Have You Splashed Someone With Water, Yet? (Today)

If you’re a guy (from Poland or of Polish descent), and there’s a girl/woman out there that you like, today might be a good day to douse her with water. That’s because today is known as Śmigus Dyngus (Dyngus Day, here in … Continue reading

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The Woodcarvers of Poland

Poland has a long tradition of woodcarving. Polish woodcarvers have created many beautiful statues, wooden boxes, religious icons, all meticulously and expertly carved by hand from wood. The Sukiennice Cloth Hall in Kraków’s town square is a famous historical building … Continue reading

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The Spatula to End All Spatulas!

Behold the fire-breathing White Eagle spatula!  So awesome it will easily create the best kotlet mielony (Polish hamburger) your barbecue can muster! Made by the same guys who brought you your favorite team’s “Sportula,” the white eagle spatula will infuse your … Continue reading

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